Dave Wilson Founder of TACO TEAM

Welcome to

Arts Revolution!


Dear artists and friends in Christ 


We are an international family of people who have been transformed by the person and the power of Jesus Christ to take the message of His kingdom to the most unreached people on earth.

Arts Revolution Europe is a camp for training and outreach to call those interested in using their talents and gifts to creatively share the revolutionary message of Jesus. 



Inspire Christians of all disciplines to share about Jesus through his gifts and talents inside and outside of church.

To encourage believers to get out of their comfort zone in different and creative ways to share the gospel without fear and in a relevant way.




Believers who want to learn how to share the message of Jesus through their talents with the supernatural power of God…




People will learn in a practical way how they can evangelize using their art form (Music, dance, drama, visual arts, photography, video editing, social media, sound technology, circus arts, story telling, hearing from God, discipleship, follow-up, creative thinking, etc.) on the streets and in public venues.

Main Session

We talk about the importance of evangelism and mission, to be relevant to the people, and to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the Great Commission.

Doing it!

The last day of the camp we go out to the streets and practice what was taught and learned.


Every participant is invited to join the outreach right after the camp from September 12th to the 19th in Frankfurt.



TACO is a ministry whose mission is to creatively proclaim the gospel of Jesus to people everywhere.


We introduce the gospel of Jesus by using  the creative arts and by enabling and training others to do the same.




  • Start: Thursday, September 9th. 
  • Arrival: 3 pm / begin 5 pm.

  • Finish: Sunday, September 12th at 3 pm. 

  • Where: Forum Mosaik – Homburger Landstraße 285 – 60433 Frankfurt.

  • Cost: 100 € per person (all inclusive) / accommodation needs to be organized yourself (we can help with information). 

Contact for more Information: info@artsrevolution.eu 


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